Who Are Rosa?

We've been making made-to-measure steel boned corsets, clothing and accessories for over 10 years. Our new shop / fitting suite is Rosa Corsetière where absolutely everything is hand made!

Rosa specialise in comfortable, body-shaping steel boned corsets. We use more bones than most, which gives the amazing shape, & we have our secret ingredient that makes them very comfortable to wear. We regularly wear corsets for 14 hours a day at festivals!

We also make complimentary items, such as skirts, tops, jackets and accessories. We can even incorporate your own fabrics if you would like an exact match with your favourite outfit!

We pride ourselves in our made to measure service, but also have many items in stock for quick delivery.

Emma-Jayne has been sewing for almost 20 years and has run Heresy Clothing since 2003, building a reputation for quality, comfortable, body-shaping corsets. She trained as a theatrical costumier, which is reflected in many of her designs. Emma-Jayne has developed her own style and techniques making thousands of corsets so you can be sure you will have the perfect fit and a garment that will last for years!

Pete has been fitting and selling Emma's corsets for around a decade in the UK, Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium. As a qualified Production Engineer and Quality & Organisation Development Consultant he also makes sure things work in the background! Pete also happens to be married to Emma-Jayne and so witnesses the creative side first-hand in the workshop at home. You may even see some of his designs amongst these pages...!

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